Brief CV

Name:                                                                 René Wen Suen Chang

Address:                                                            7 College Gardens


                                                                                London SE21 7BE

Telephone:                                                    0208-693-3714

Email:                                                                renechang@ntlworld.com

Degrees and Qualifications:

BSc (Special) Physiology, King’s College, University of London

MB BS, Westminster Medical School, University of London

F.R.C.S. (England), Royal College of Surgeons (England)

Master of Surgery, University of London

Awards:          Entrance Scholarship to Westminster Medical School 

                              Federal Scholarship (Malaysian Government)

                              Bernard Sunley Research Fellowship, RCS (England)

Present Appointment:

                             Director, Useful and Fun Things Limited

Past Appointments:

  1. Founding Director of Transplantation, St George’s Hospital, London
  2. Lecturer/Senior Registrar, Academic Surgical Unit, St Mary’s Hospital, London
  3. Consultant Surgeon, Riyadh Military Hospital, Saudi Arabia
  4. Clinical Tutor (Postgraduate/undergraduate), King Faisal University, Damman, King Saud University,  College of Medicine, Riyadh
  5. Consultant Transplant Surgeon, St Helier Hospital, Carshalton, Surrey
  6. Scientific Advisor/Consultant to 2nd Consensus Conference of the European Society of Intensive Care, Fujisawa GmbH, Eli Lilly, Hoffman La Roche, Glaxo-Wellcome, Qinetiq, Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre, UK,
  7. Chairman, South Thames Transplant Group – 1992-1994
  8. Visiting Professor, George Washington University, Washington DC

Teaching Experience (Undergraduate and Postgraduate):

King’s College, Strand, University of London

St Bartholomew’s, Westminster, St Mary’s Hospitals Medical Schools, London, UK

King Saud University Medical School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

King Faisal University Colleges of Medicine, Al Khobar, Damman, Saudi Arabia

Conferences and Workshops (Organised):

Monthly Nutrition Support Service Workshop 1980-89

International Symposium on Intensive Care.  Riyadh 1982

2nd International Middle East Symposium on Organ Transplantation Riyadh, 1984

Nutritional Care of the Critically Ill Patient.  International Symposium at Riyadh 1987

Symposium on End-stage Renal Disease and Renal Transplantation at Riyadh 1988

Symposium – Practical Problems in Transplantation, St George’s Hospital, London, 1996

Societies:        British Transplantation Society

                               British Medical Association

                               Intensive Care Society (U.K.)

                               European Society of Intensive Care

                               Society of Critical Care Medicine

                              American Federation for Clinical Research

                              The Tansplantation Society


Publications and presentations:

Peer reviewed articles and chapters in books on tumour immunology, renal transplantation, surgical nutrition, surgical audit, intensive care, and disaster response planning.

Interviewed by international (Germany, Austria, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, USA, Canada), national (UK) and local radio (London, Scotland), television stations (BBC Today, GMTV, BBC News 24, Cologne TV) and newspapers (Times, Independent, Guardian, Telegraph, Evening Standard, Daily and Sunday Express, Daily Mail, Sun, Stern, Frankfurt Zeitung, Straits Times, Sydney Morning Herald).

Educational Videos:

I scripted, directed, and produced the following educational videos:

“A day in the life of a Nutrition Support Service”.

“Renal transplantation in Saudi Arabia”.

“Carry On Feeding”.

Computer Programs:

I designed and wrote the following computer software programs:-

Editorial Office Manager Version 1.0.  1984.

Nutrition Support Service Manager Version 2.0.  1986.

Riyadh ICU Program Version 2.30 2004

Renal Data Manager Version 3.0 2009


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