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Dear Friends

Just to let you know that the name fo the book The Silent Coup has been changed to ‘Watergate – The Political Assassination’.
From now on that will be the name used.

The impact of Nixon’s visit to China 40 years ago has been enormous.
It maybe time to re-examine what happened at Watergate.

Nixon was a favorite son of Yorba Linda, California and the Thirty-seventh President of the US.
In November 1972, he was re-elected with 60.7 per cent of the vote beating Senator McGovern by 18 million votes. He was the first president to have won all the southern states at a single election. Yet he had to resign two years later.
Was Watergate any worse or out of character with the actions of Presidents before and after?

Why were the culprits arrested at the THIRD attempt?
Why did the $100 dollar bills have consecutive serial numbers?
Why was Howard Hunt’s details in the address books of TWO of the four arrested Cubans?
There was a coup attempt in China to prevent the rapprochement. Could the same have happened in the US?
Why were the leaks of Deep Throat’ regarded as the gospel truth?
Read about all these in ‘Watergate – The Political Assassination, ISBN 9780956911940. 47,000 word and US$7.90
The book is available at now in many ebook formats in abot two weeks.

When Nixon took the dollar from the gold standard in 1971, did he lay the foundation of today’s financial crisis? He did bring about untold wealth to US citizens for several decades.


Watergate -The Political Assassination

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The above book with ISBN 9780956911940 is now available at to purchase.

The book has 47,000 words and hyperlinks to notes etc.
It costs only US$7.90.

It should be available in Kobo, Sony, Barnes and Noble and Kindle format in about two weeks.