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The Silent Coup – Is Watergate a Setup or a Cockup?


Just to annouce the imminent publication of the Silent Coup, a political thriller dealing with Nixon, Watergate and China.

A great deal has been wriiten and several films made about the conventional story of the Watergate and that Nixon is a peculiar person.

However, is the Watergate Affair any worse than the many other Presidential ‘Abuses of Power’ such as the Gulf of Tonkin Incident under president Johnson, the asassination of Ngo Dinh Diem under JFK, the Iran-Contra Scandal of Ronald Reagan where he conveniently forgot what happened and then the Yellow Cake and Weapons of Mass Destruction of GW Bush that lead to the invasion of Iraq?

Yet none of these Presidents had to resign.

This year is the 40th anniversary of Nixon’s visit to China, the SALT talks and Watergate in 1972.

There are inconsistencies in the conventional account of the Watergate.  The most obvious are:

1. The Watergate arrest was the third attempt at break-in to the Democratic Conventional Centre and Nixon was already 26 points ahead in the polls.

2. The ex-CIA Cubans had information linking H Hunt to the White House.  Is that not the height of incompetence or was it deliberate?

3. The money on the ex-CIA operatives led to the slush fund under the charge of Maurice Stans.  Are we suggesting that the Democratic Party did not have slush funds?  Also Nixon has passed the FEC Bill to limit contributions to US$5,000 and greater transparency for election campaigns.

4.  There was an attempted coup in China to block rapprochement with USA.  Was the Watergate the start of a coup in th US?

Of course Watergate arrest happened and there was attempt at cover-up or containment according to Haldeman.

It is time we had another look at the official account of the Watergate arrests.  It looks as if the Watergate arrests was more like a Set-Up than a Cock-up and later Cover-Up.