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By Kim – this review is from: Scalpel in the Sand: Memoir of a Surgeon in Saudi Arabia: (Paperback) Anther 5 starred review.
Author, Rene Chang bases his book ‘Scalpel in the Sand’ over a ten year period spent advancing his career working as a Surgeon in Saudi Arabia. Fragments of ‘the author’s life in Malaysia and the United Kingdom runs throughout the book developing a nice intersection of cultures.

The book takes you on a journey on a road that is less travelled. It reflects upon events happening within the workplace as well as sharing stories of travels to a different country and adapting to new cultures and ways of life.
The journey deals with aspirations, frustrations, emotions, motivations, commitments and raises your awareness to possibilities in life. The events that take place within the memoir are a beautiful balance of both professional and personal experiences.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable book. This book would be extremely beneficial to those within the Medical Profession. I am not from the Medical Profession and found this to be an engaging and enjoyable book. It is easy to read, honest and a great story.