The print version (paperback) of Scalpel in the Sand has arrived (14 September 2011) and can be bought in book shops.

Local book shops that stock the book are:




You may need to order from your local book shop if it does stock the book.

To facilitate book ordering, it is useful to have the following:

ISBN:                978-0-9569119-0-2

Title:                Scalpel in the Sand

Author:            René Chang

The print version costs £7.99

The ebook is available at and costs only £1.71.
The URL is:

In order to read the ebook a eReader is needed. Amazon has FREE eReader Apps for the PC.
Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphoned.
The URL is:

You must register with Amazon.  The same registration details are used with
the Apps otherwise you won’t be able to download the ebook.


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